Construction Bauval

    Construction BauVal specializes in construction projects in different sectors, such as civil engineering, road systems, complex structures and many more.


    Forexplo specializes in drilling and blasting and operates in quarries, mines and construction sites.





BauVal was founded in 1954 on the South Shore of Montreal and was first specialized in civil engineering and road systems.

A few years later, business really picked up when it fell under the lead of an ambitious and visionary young man, Mr. Georges Lachapelle. BauVal then broadens its field of expertise, which now includes: managing large construction projects across the province of Quebec; acquiring quarries, gravel mines sandpits, plant mix and concrete manufacturing facilities; creating a bagging division; expanding its knowledge in crushing; and the recycling of concrete, aggregates and industrial minerals, and so much more…

Now called Le Groupe Bau-Val inc. and encompassing all affiliated divisions and companies, the enterprise is truly setting itself as the leader in a plethora of sectors, such as managing civil engineering projects and complex structures, transforming aggregates, manufacturing concrete, building material and conventional and low-energy plant mix, as well as transportation and drilling & blasting.

BauVal’s vision remains the same over 60 years later: « At BauVal, we build for life ».

On Bâtit pour la Vie
Quality control and constant improvement is of utmost importance for us, as it makes sure that our products and services will always be up to our customers’ standards. Certified ISO 9001, our teams on all levels whole-heartedly believe in complying with the established standards.

Our « obsession » with quality also comes through in our willingness and concrete actions towards maintaining a safe and healthy work environment, as well as contributing to our planet’s sustainable development. Through our prevention and recovering programs, we comply, and even surpass, the mandatory standards.

Moreover, our day-to-day actions towards eliminating all sources of danger and risks aim to better protect the environment and the health and safety of everyone gravitating in and around our operation and work sites.
BauVal’s world revolves first and foremost around BauVal’s people… It is through the knowledge, commitment, leadership and creativity of everyone involved that the company thrives.

Our multi-disciplinary and efficient work teams are built upon respect, rectitude, communication and transparency. We can then provide quality construction material and outstanding services to guide you through all of your projects, within your time frame and budget.
Groupe BauVal inc. employs hundreds of people in high season and is proud to be an employer of choice in its communities.

As a conscientious corporate citizen, we believe in stimulating local economy by buying our products and services regionally. Moreover, we participate in different local initiatives, such as committees, community organizations, events, festivals, museums and sports teams. We consider that supporting local causes help shape the communal life and unite people in a positive and productive way.

It is in this spirit that the company has been associated for over 10 years with the Premier Pas Québec Association, which offers a support system for families and children under 5 years old.
Through each step, from the designing to the manufacturing and distribution, the respect of its neighbors and fellow citizens is of utmost importance for BauVal. To do so, we have established strict production and construction rules aiming to limit – as they are impossible to completely eliminate – noise, debris and vibrations, and avoid any contamination.

We take pride in acting as pioneers in our industry when it comes to setting high internal control standards and by also contributing to sustainable development.